How We Work

String Section offer a knowledgeable and comprehensive approach to all aspects of recording and arranging for stringed instruments. Right from your first phone or e-mail correspondence with us, we will help guide you towards exactly the right outcome for your project.

String Section recording at the Sarm West Studios
String Section recording for Leigh Haggerwood
and engineer at Sarm West Studios, London

We can help with arranging or notating your strings along the exact lines you are looking for, as well as having access to many reasonably priced recording facilities. We can also provide any combination of instruments from one to forty players. We understand that hiring professional musicians can be extremely expensive and as such are able to achieve a symphony orchestra-sized string section through overlayering with as few as three players (one to record all the violins and violas, plus a cellist and double bassist) and this is a technique we’ve perfected over the last 12 years. It can only be convincingly done using expert players who possess pinpoint accuracy in rhythm and intonation (as well as excellent instruments). It also requires creative microphone placements to re-create the recording of a proper orchestral violin section.

String Section recording at Angel Studios, London
String Section recording and advert
at Angel Studios, London

We can follow your exact recording specifications, including working in 44.1Khz, 48Khz and 96 Khz and are happy to blend with existing sampled strings. We specialise in working remotely and have fulfilled over 150 recording projects, with clients as far afield as Australia, U.S.A., France, Switzerland, Hong Kong, Malaysia, the Bahamas and Pakistan.

Our prices start at £210 for a single player, studio and engineer for a 2-hour session and this guarantees a very high quality end result for you.

Here at String Section, we’re only happy when you’re completely happy with your recorded strings!