Recording at Black Frog Studios in Thame

Last week we were approached by a producer from Hong Kong who wished to hire a string quartet for a recording. As a deadline was involved and a couple of our regular studios were either fully booked or unavailable, we contacted a local recording facility called Black Frog Studios in Thame.

Situated in an industrial unit, the studio had plenty of space to accomodate many musicians. As the parts were already very well written for stringed instruments and the producer had sent over a detailed click track alongside the mp3 of the song, recording was a very smooth and easy procedure (despite a few challenging passages in the first violin part).

Steve the engineer sent the completed track over the following morning via a file upload site and the client was very happy with the end result. It was only 5 days from the client’s initial enquiry to him receiving the finished recording, so it was vital to get studio availability as soon as possible and we’re really pleased to add Black Frog to our list of efficient and reasonably priced studios that we’d recommend.