Works for Piano, String Quartet….and laptops.

On Monday the 31st January, four of us will be joining contemporary composer Jim Perkins on stage to help launch his new album entitled ‘Grains’. Grains are a collection of alternative classical pieces written for solo piano, piano with electronica and strings with electronic sounds. A few months ago,  I helped record some of the upper string parts on one of the pieces, so it’s great to be part of the album launch with other colleagues. The other violin part will be played by Louise Bevan and we will be joined by Adrian Smith on viola and Alexandra Mackenzie on cello, all of whom play with the Manor House String Quartet. As we will be providing live strings to an accompaniment of electronic sounds played by a laptop, the four us of will be working with the other parts generated through headphones to keep the music rhythmically tight. The concert is taking place at the Vortex club in North London and the evening will also feature performances by pianist Ed Cohen, Ed Perkins, Lilith Gottfarb and Jeremy Keenan. There will be a display of live audio-visual work as well as performed music.

We look forward to collaborating with Jim on the 31st and wish him every success with the preparations towards the evening.